Mauricio F. VARGAS

Music Composer for Audiovisual Media
Interactive Applications

Mauricio is a music composer that collaborates with visual media creators by composing, producing and arranging original music that shapes and heightens the audience's experience and elicits a deeper emotional connection to the story and creative project.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
― Hans Christian Andersen

Music is a great story-teller, and Mauricio composes music with a narrative in mind. He focuses on the tiny details, the fleeting moments and the subtle emotions that are needed to produce a rich and moving piece of music.

Mauricio composes and arranges music for:

Film & Television | Adverts 

Video Games | AR & VR



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An accomplished composer, arranger and producer of music for a range of audiovisual media (film, TV, advertising), interactive media (video games, AR and VR) and concert music.

A diverse background, which encompasses classical, flamenco, jazz and the folkloric music of different Latin countries, has resulted in Mauricio’s unique approach to composition.

Equally comfortable working for small or large ensembles, in an acoustic or electronic environment, Mauricio is adept at crafting compositions in response to any brief.


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 Dublin, Ireland

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